Nothing says as much about you as your home. As well as being an expression of who you are it’s an opportunity to establish a unique environment for your family. We understand that every client has different priorities, so our first priority is to gain a detailed understanding of your exact needs and the inspiration behind your vision. We’ll quiz you about your preferred area, desired lifestyle, projected budget and risk appetite and get a feel for what you really value. Once you’re ready to proceed we’ll begin the search for the right opportunity.

Sourcing The Right Opportunity

Because of our long-standing relationships with surveyors, planners, land agents, architects and financial advisors we can often hear about prime parcels of land before they reach the open market.

Once we have found a site that meets with your approval we will negotiate a price on your behalf. Due diligence on the site will require us to conduct an initial planning review which will consider road access, local house styles, ground conditions, availability of services to the plot and planning risk. If we are satisfied that the site meets your needs we will propose suitable lawyers, planning consultants and surveyors to progress the acquisition.

Design Creation

The concept for your home will be developed by an experienced architectural team who have won numerous awards for country houses. They will work in partnership with you to draw out desires, designs and concepts.

We are able to visualise a house in any architectural style, from classical to contemporary. Sherbourne’s attention to detail is legendary and every aspect will be thought through to create a truly bespoke home, with a luxurious finish that can only be achieved by traditional craftsmen who still work by hand.


We manage the inherent risk of the build from the very outset. With over 20 years experience in our field we can navigate all aspects of the planning process on your behalf to help you realise your vision.

Our network of architects and consultants will prepare the planning application on your behalf, with costs commensurate with the size and complexity of the proposed scheme.

The exact steps required to secure planning consent for your project can be influenced by numerous factors including the topography of your chosen site and whether there are any existing residential or agricultural buildings. We will arrange all required surveys, collate information and report to you on progress.