Our Story

The age-old English dream of country living is more appealing than ever. However, building a luxury country house is a complex and specialised undertaking that can take years to complete. So it’s no wonder that many people choose to work with experienced specialists who can manage the entire process from end to end.

Sherbourne has been setting standards in the super-prime construction sector for over 22 years and we’re known for large, luxury, new-build Georgian and Palladian homes that meet the needs of modern families. As the leading brand in an extremely niche sector we have created an award-winning body of work.

After a quarter of a century building luxury country houses for a very exclusive market we understand that no two clients are alike. They value our ability to ‘read between the lines’ to bring their unique visions to life. Thanks to this – coupled with our unrivalled attention to detail, design and liveability – our clients have become our best advocates.

“Using our experience, network and award-winning design expertise we guide and inspire our clients through the journey of site finding, designing and building their dream country home and lifestyle.”

The Sherbourne Tailormade business has grown organically to meet the growing demand from buyers who specifically require a Sherbourne house. By choosing the market’s leading luxury country house specialist you’ll benefit from the advice of experts who can offer a guiding hand on the hundreds (if not thousands) of decisions you’ll need to make to realise your vision. Whether you favour period or contemporary style we will ensure you enjoy the luxury, comfort and convenience that modern building technology offers – and manage the entire process from end to end.

A bespoke house requires a bespoke team. So rather than offering a one size fits all approach, we take special care to choose the right team with the most suitable combination of talents. As a Tailormade customer you will also be able to call upon the master craftspeople who have helped make Sherbourne the benchmark for luxury. This can be a real advantage in a market where quality labour can be hard to find.

We believe the creation of a luxury country house is a collaborative effort, so we pride ourselves on a transparent and open approach that offers the highest standards of client care. We’ll be with you on every step of the journey – managing everything from the search for the perfect parcel of land to planning, design and construction.

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